How We Read the Hard Words: Improving Reading in Children with Dyslexia

How We Read the Hard Words is a two part study:SEM Deacon et al. (2011)

1. Hard Words Over Time:

In this study, we examine how all children develop the ability to read long difficult words–polysyllabic/multisyllabic words–over time. We’re working with third graders. Click to email Project Coordinator Kevin Dalton to find out how your school can participate!


2. Helping with the Hard Words:

Some of the children in the Hard Words Over Time study struggle with reading. We’re developing two different interventions to improve this skill.

Read Like a Chef graphic 2Forest of Words graphic

We’ll test these interventions over the next three years. In the third year, children may participate in neuroimaging at the Brain Imaging Research Center to see how their brains change after intervention. Neuroimage (Shaywitz et al., 2002)

Click to contact Project Director Devin Kearns to learn how your school can participate.

This project is being conducted in collaboration with UConn faculty Michael D. CoyneJay Rueckl, and Ken Pugh. Dr. Coyne is also the coordinator of the Special Education Program, Dr. Rueckl is the director of the Brain Imaging Research Center, and Dr. Pugh is President of Haskins Laboratory at Yale University.